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Dr. Jensen’s chiropractic adjusting style   utilizes a variety of techniques and is individualized  to meet the needs of the each patient. Dr. Jensen prefers to incorporate acupuncture in his treatment care plans as it serves as an excellent complement to chiropractic care. It facilitates the healing process by working with the natural “chi” or energy flow of the body.

We are a simple and straightforward Chiropractic and wellness care practice. We are a self-pay-based clinic and do not accept medical insurance, personal injury cases, nor worker's compensation cases.

We do accept payment in the form of cash, checks, and all major credit cards including HSA and FSA linked credit cards.


As a new patient at Alive, we want to customize your treatment to meet your needs. Dr. Jensen will provide an exam and evaluation in addition to Chiropractic treatment. 


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We strive to make each and every visit efficient and effective. Following every chiropractic adjustment, patients have the option to include intersegmental traction to complete their treatment at no extra cost.


- existing patients -


Add session to your ChiroWellness appointment for aiding the healing process.


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Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Dr. Jensen will perform a quick analysis before each session. Allow approximately 20 minutes for each appointment.


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- existing patients -

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Dr. Jensen has over 12 years experience treating patients with needle acupuncture and highly recommends AcuWellness in conjunction with ChiroWellness. Initial visit includes a consultation with Dr. Jensen and treatment. Acupuncture is a 2,500 year old system of natural healing. It focuses on restoring proper energy flow to organs, glands & tissues of the body through channels called Meridians. A disruption or imbalance in the energy flow is believed to be the cause of pathology. Western medicine has seen the benefits of acupuncture and over the last decade there has been a rise in dry needling and acceptance of acupuncture in the US. Dr. Jensen's approach incorporates his  education and experience as a doctor of chiropractic.  


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